Kim Kardashian and her kids had COVID-19

We’re just glad they are all okay now

Kim Kardashian and all of her kids had COVID-19 back in November.

The mom of four revealed the news on Thursday’s episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’.

After the episode aired, speculation began to swirl that the family became infected after they went on a controversial birthday trip in October. However, Kim quickly debunked that.

According to Kim, her eldest son, Saint caught the virus from another student at school, and then the whole family got infected.

“False,” Kardashian posted to Twitter, retweeting a BuzzFeed News story with the claim.

“Nobody caught COVID from the trip. Saint was the first to have it in our family and he caught it from school from another student who tested positive first. I then developed symptoms and got it a few days after he coughed on me while caring for him.

As a result of their infection production for KUWK had to shut down for two weeks, while the family and crew quarantined, and it affected Kim’s ability to study for the baby bar exams.

And according to Kim, she had some more severe symptoms which included a 104-degree fever.