KingAlarm bigs up Jamaican service workers amid COVID-19 outbreak

Leading Jamaican security specialist company  KingAlarm is singling out Jamaican workers providing essential services during the Covid-19 outbreak for special commendation.

KingAlarm’s Managing Director, John P. Azar cited all workers within the essential services “as being worthy of recognition and praise as they “put themselves in harm’s way while turning up day in and day out – despite their own fears – to safeguard others”.

Included in the groups being singled out for such recognition are healthcare workers, police personnel, firefighters, grocers, pharmacists, public sanitization and transit workers, soldiers, security officers, workers within the energy sector and “all others within the essential services.”

KingAlarm, in a series of advertisements scheduled to air on Monday, March 23 and via social media postings, is acknowledging the dedication of what they term Jamaica’s “unsung everyday heroes” who work on the front lines to keep our population healthy and our society functional.