Kraft Mac & Cheese faces backlash after asking customers to send ‘noodz’

A promotion by Kraft Mac & Cheese encouraging customers to send “noodz” has received massive backlash. Parents are accusing the family company of sexualising good ole macaronic and cheese.

Okay BUZZ Fam, so here’s what happened. Saturday Night Live’s Vanessa Bayer was encouraging people to send their relatives boxes of Mac & Cheese, and had an interesting play on words.

“In these strange times, people are in need of extra comfort. That’s why it’s always a nice gesture to send noodz … To be clear, I’m not advocating you send nudes to anyone. Send noodz, not nudes,” she said.

Parents, who we imagine often make Mac & Cheese for their children, thought this promotion would be the thing that robs their little ones of their innocence and were outraged.

“Horrible. Never buying Kraft again,” one parent wrote in response. “If you’re going to use children in your advertising then you should NEVER have advertisements like your noods commercial,” wrote another.

A concerned parent told Buzzfeed that the ad is a gateway to children actually sending nude photos.

Kraft, disappointed that people did not get their pun, has since apologised.

“For National Noodle Day last Tuesday, we encouraged adults to send free noodles to loved ones to provide comfort and make them smile. The social promotion resulted in 20,000 consumers across the country receiving boxes of America’s favorite Kraft mac ’n’ cheese. We sincerely appreciate and hear all of your feedback. The content will be removed from our channels,” it said in a statement to its Instagram.