Kyle Butler retains Tavares-Finson amid abuse allegations

Kyle Butler, has retained the services of Queen’s Counsel Tom Tavares-Finson in what could become a legal battle between him and his father.

Under 23 footballer Kyle Butler (Photo: Facebook/Kyle Butler)

The Jamaican Under- 23 national football player used his Twitter account last week to share photos of bruises and cuts alleging that he was physically abused, though not naming an attacker.

“It is in a relatively early stage, we are aware that Kyle’s father has retained counsel so, Kyle has retained my chambers in relation to his matters. And over the next couple of days I’ll be able to elaborate further as to where it’s going but at the moment, we are still in a situation where we’re taking some instructions,” said Tavares- Finson.

“A report that has been made to the police and they will no doubt assess the matter and take appropriate action when the time comes,” added Tavares-Finson.

Kyle’s father, CEO of Phoenix All-Stars Football Academy, Craig Butler previously released a statement denying the online allegations.