LA Clippers fined $50k over Kawhi Lenard drama

The NBA fined the LA Clippers US $50,000 for Head Coach Doc Rivers statement on Kawhi Lenard’s “health status”.

The Clippers had rested Kawhi during Wednesday’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks for “load management”. This caused uproar throughout the league, and especially amongst Clippers’ fans, many of whom travelled to see their superstar. The situation became controversial because of the league’s policy preventing teams from resting healthy players.

Originally, it was reported that Leonard is suffering from an ongoing knee injury. But the Clippers head coach later elaborated, “He feels great. He feels great because of what we’ve been doing. We just got to continue to do it. There’s no concern here. We want to make sure… It’s our job to make sure he stays that way.”

La Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard.

According to Rivers, Kawhi has also commented on his health to say that he has never felt better. In response to the inconsistency in statements the NBA officially fined the Los Angeles team.

— Article written by Stephanie Moore