LA Lakers is the most-hated team in the NBA

Anthony Davis (left) and Lebron James.

It may be difficult to fathom but extensive Twitter analysis has shown than Lebron James’ LA Lakers is the most hated team in the NBA.

The analysis was conducted by Sports Insider. According to the analysis, 34 states hate to see the combination of Lebron James and Anthony Davis in the purple and gold.

News that more than half of America detests the new-look Lakers comes after the pairing of the two generational talents — and their six-game winning streak since the 2019 season started in late October.

Former NBA champions Golden State Warriors are still despised, despite their superstar roster led by Steph Curry being devastated by trades, injuries and retirement.

The data also noted that the LA Clippers are disliked by three states, including their home state of California.

— Article written by Stephanie Moore