Late but vibrant start to JLP’s annual conference

The Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Annual Conference which is currently underway at the National Arena got off to a late but vibrant start.

The conference which is in its 76th year was slated to begin at 10:00 a.m. but got going one hour later.

Despite the late start, the Labourites, who turned out in their numbers, were in an upbeat mood as they showed off their bright displays of green-coloured clothing while dancing to soca music.

The vibrant, upbeat mood carried into the formal programme which started on a high note as Bishop Rohan Myers prayed for the party’s return to power for a second term which caused the crowd to break from their usual reverence into an uproar of bells and vuvuzelas.

The desire for a second term is the narrative that is expected to feature prominently at the conference as a general election becomes constitutionally due in 2020.