Laura kills three persons in the US: Weakens to 70 mph tropical storm

Three persons died after Laura made landfall in Louisiana, United States, early Thursday morning as a category 4 hurricane.  

Many power lines went down after Hurricane Laura passed through Lake Charles, Louisiana.

It is understood that at least three persons, including a teen girl, died after trees fell on their homes in Louisiana.

Laura has also torn the state apart, leaving people without roofs. There have been reports of structural damages, street signs torn from the ground and steel poles bent. Many are also without electricity.

The scene was no different in Texas, which has also been hit by Laura. Power lines were down, and the streets were filled with debris. Many houses have also been damaged.

Rescue teams are now headed to the worst-hit areas to assist with recovery.

Laura has since weakened to a 70 mph tropical storm, according to National Hurricane Center.