LeBron James first NBA player to earn $1 billion

LeBron James has made history!

Once again, LeBron James is making history. James has become the first NBA player to earn $1 billion while still actively playing.

Since James started his NBA career 18 years ago, he has earned $330 million in playing salary, and another $700 million off the court from endorsements, merchandise, licensing, and his media business.

The Los Angeles Lakers captain currently has endorsements from AT&T, Beats, Blaze Pizza, GMC, Nike, PepsiCo, Rimowa, and Walmart. These endorsements earn him more than $100 million annually.

He also recently inked a partnership deal with Epic Games, where Fortnite players will have access to a pair of James-themed outfits or “skins.”

The only other athletes to earn $1 billion while still active are Tiger Woods, Floyd Mayweather, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Roger Federer.