Legislator calls for cancellation of Carnival 2020 in Grenada

A legislator in the upper House of Parliament, Andre Lewis, has called on the Government of Grenada to cancel the island’s 2020 carnival celebrations Spicemas because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Grenada, which hosts the final summer festival in the region, is yet to make a public announcement about the cancellation although other islands have already postponed their carnival festivities until 2021.

“We think that this is something that ought to be done, in the interest and safety of our people, there will be 2021, 22, 23, 24, forever and there will be carnival activity every succeeding year,” said Lewis who is the current Head of the Grenada Trades’ Union Council.

Grenada’s carnival is scheduled to climax in mid-August but was scheduled to be launched on May 2. In March, the Spicemas Corporation which manages, markets and administrates the affairs of the carnival celebrations, cancelled an event to launch this year’s carnival.

Lewis also disclosed that the Labour Movement has written to the government recommending that workers both in the private and public sectors do not lose wages for the three months period beginning March 23. Lewis, who was speaking on Monday on the Grenada Broadcasting Network’s “To-the-Point programme” said that the Labour movement has suggested that the government could redirect non-essential allocations in the 2020 budget to assist with purchasing essential supplies for COVID related matters.