Less spying, happier workplaces

“Improved productivity means less human sweat, not more.”

Henry Ford (founder of the motor company) said this. The Jamaica Employers Federation agrees 100 per cent. Why?

Well, we don’t need to work in “sweatshops” nowadays. It’s 2019. We have the technology. Technology = greater productivity.

Yes, some of us waste time on social media at work. But, there are others who use it to develop ideas and produce fantastic results.

Technology = greater productivity

Some bosses want to be checking up on you. We know there are many “spying” tools out there. But let’s look at it another way. What can you do as a worker so they don’t need to monitor you 24/7?

  • Set your phone on “do not disturb.”
  • Eat healthily. Go to bed earlier on work nights.
  • Be mindful. Find that calm, focused spot.
  • If you can, go offline for a while.
  • Try not to multitask. Just prioritize.
  • Don’t work longer hours to make up for wasted time.
  • Use social media for work contacts when at work. Creating online synergies helps you do a better job.
  • “Keep it real” in relations with co-workers.
  • Take pride in your work!

We’re not letting bosses off the hook. Here’s what they can do:

  • Trust your employees – and show them you do!
  • Invest in training and re-training.
  • Be flexible. Rethink your rigid attitudes!
  • Build a dynamic team! There are many apps for this.
  • Set goals and specific tasks with timelines. Many apps (such as Asana) exist for this too!
  • Make yourself available at specific times. Not online – in person!
  • Use social media for group communications.
  • Focus on those deliverables. Results count.
  • Seek and try out new ideas. A workplace that supports wellbeing, perhaps?

Here’s Mr. Ford again:

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

Henry Ford

We can work it out!