LET PEACE REIGN: Entertainers weigh in on violence that disrupted transport sector

I-Octane says violence is not the way to resolve differences.

At least two entertainers have voiced their concerns over the ongoing tension in the Corporate Area that resulted from the killing of a route taxi operator and a JUTC bus driver on Monday night (Sept 23).

The taxi operator was stabbed to death by a JUTC driver in Patrick City, St Andrew during dispute. Shortly after that a JUTC driver was shot dead in New Kingston in what is suspected to be an act of reprisal.

Further threats resulted in JUTC driver withdrawing their service the following day. They only returned to work Wednesday (Sept 25) after police officers were placed on buses and members of the security forces dispatched along certain routes in the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region.

‘We can come to a next solution, not crime and violence.’

— I-Octane

Entertainer I-Octane described the violent as “sad and serious”. The deejay said killing each other is not the answer.

“As a human being, the first impulse is to retaliate but on the other hand, the whole entire thing has a weight. It affects the country and not just an individual. We can come to a next solution, not crime and violence,” I-Octane said.

‘…we should just come together and find some peace.’

— Kemar Highcon
Entertainer Kemar Highcon appeals for peace.

Kemar Highcon also weighted in on the issue.

“Bus and taxi operators play big roles in Jamaica… The fact that it is now affecting our education system, it is having a negative impact on our country, so we should just come together and find some peace, and let peace reign,” he said.

— Article written by Shania Hanchard