Let’s unite against dengue

Minister of Local Government, Desmond McKenzie

There’s a call for Jamaicans to unite against dengue.

Speaking at Area Council One meeting at the Olympic Gardens Civic Centre in St Andrew West Central, members of the Andrew Holness led administration, beseech Jamaicans to forget political affiliations, and tackle dengue together.

“Mosquitoes do not come in green or orange, the blood is red, and no matter who you are, which party you support, mosquitoes will bite you if you don’t do the right thing to prevent it from biting you,” Minister of Local Government, Desmond McKenzie, said.

He reiterated that there have been over 80 dengue deaths over the last two years, but lamented the fact that citizens were not taking the threat seriously.

“When you look at some of the gullies you have to ask yourself the question: Where is that piece of our brothers and sisters that speak about decency and cleanliness?” he said.

“There are sections of the Corporate Area that continue to show a high concentration of breeding ground. You can help the Government, you can help the country dispose of your garbage in the right and proper way,” he urged.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, highlighted the success of the island wide clean up day on Saturday (January 25).

He said that although the government has been spending millions of dollars on a dengue awareness campaign, citizens still had a duty to help spread the word.
“In this campaign which has to do with dengue and others, you, as members of this political party, you come here and you get informed, but you have to go back out there now and engage the people,” he said.

Mayor of Kingston, Delroy Williams also added his voice to the call.

Kingston’s mayor, Delroy Williams

“Area Council, we have a duty to do within our communities, we have to go out there and work hard and rid our communities of the breeding sites,” Williams pleaded