LGBT advocates pushing for homosexuality to be decriminalised in Barbados

If the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) advocates in Barbados are successful in their campaign, then homosexuality could soon be off the discriminatory list.

According to a Barbados Today story, the LGBT advocates are working closely with their counterparts in Trinidad and Tobago to prove that changes to the country’s “discriminatory” laws could result in real and tangible benefits for members of the community.

Landmark victory

In 2018, there was a landmark victory for Jason Jones, who successfully challenged the homosexuality laws in Trinidad and Tobago, leading to it be decriminalised. He has since launched an LGBTQ+ National Survey to determine whether homophobia and discrimination have abated since his legal victory.

According to a report, a transgender woman, Alexa Hoffmann, who was recently appointed Chairman of the United Caribbean Transnetwork (UCTRANS), is hoping that the ongoing research will validate a similar legal challenge against Barbadian laws and gain the attention of policymakers, religious groups and other dissenting voices.

“Hopefully it will encourage other countries to participate in similar research projects and that way a small reference library can be built up and five or ten years down the road we would have a point of reference, and as we go along, we would be able to measure how the social climate has improved,” Hoffmann was quoted as saying to Barbados TODAY.