Light moments from Tokyo Olympics

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is now over and all Jamaicans are basking in the glory achieved by our athletes with their record-breaking achievements on the track.

With four gold, one silver, and four bronze medals, Jamaica placed fourth on the athletic medal table.

Here are some moments, light and otherwise, that we took away from Tokyo.

Light moments

Megan Tapper the rapper – Pint-sized Megan Tapper was the joy of Jamaica and the sporting world when she put her lyrical prowess on display with a lyrical piece that showed she had more talent than just hurdling. The 100-metre hurdles bronze medalist is the true embodiment of the Jamaican spirit and her outbursts of joyous celebration were truly heartwarming.

Panty perfection – After the national record-setting performance in the 4×100 metres relay, Jamaica’s Golden Girls – Brianna Taylor, Elaine Thompson-Herah, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Shericka Jackson – elicited laughter in their post-race interview with their barbs about the skimpy panty-sized bottom they wore for the event. Leave it to the affable Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce to find that parting shot. “Video Shericka panty,” she said before leaving with a giggle. Truly a golden moment.

Shy Shericka – A social media post showing Shericka Jackson expressing her trepidation at wearing a panty while returning to the athletes’ village was truly a light-hearted moment. Jackson had earlier stated that she was against the choice of the skimpy bottoms but had to go along with her teammates. Her rural Jamaican accent and easy-going persona were easy to consume.

Taylor’s twang – Speaking of accents, 400 metres finalist, Christopher Taylor, drew winces or smiles when he attempted to ‘twang’ during his post-race interview after a creditable sixth place finish in his first Olympic games. Taylor clearly needed more practice and would be advised to stick to the patios Jamaicans are known and admired for.

Blake’s social media blunder – Former World 100 metres champion, Yohan Blake, came in for the brunt of several jokes after he exulted before the games via his social media pages that he would not return home without a medal. We all know that his predictions fell through and the Jamaican fans spared no quarter in jocularly hauling him over the coals.

Silence is Golden – The reaction of the fans who were rooting for American Grant Holloway when he was overtaken by 100 metres hurdles gold medalist Hansle Parchment was precious. The silence that pervaded in those moments added to the looks of anguish and disbelief at Parchment’s heroics were worth waiting four years to see.

Shelly is GOAT of all wigs – Wearing a wig is Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce’s trademark and she seemed to have rubbed off some of her championship-winning mettle to Parchment as he played the role of a mannequin. Rumour has it that it was the wig that somehow inspired parchment to pull off the historic win.

Cash Pot split screen- The reactions of the Jamaican fans to the airing of the lotto draw during the running of the 4×100 metres women’s relay final was truly Jamaican in nature. The viewers lambasted the television station providing coverage of the games for committing treason, sacrilege, and any other crime they could conjure. The media house in question was in between a rock and a hard place as lottery drawings are time-sensitive and the integrity of the draw supersedes even a once in every four-year event like the Olympics. But the viewers had no space for that we wager that the Jamaican curse words could be heard all the way in Tokyo.