Limestone mining? Yup, Jamaicans being encouraged to invest in growing sector

Principal Director, Minerals Policy Planning and Development Division in the Ministry of Transport and Mining, Dr Oral Rainford, is encouraging persons to invest in limestone mining.

Rainford explained that the Ministry is intent on educating the public about how increasing limestone mining would redound to the country’s benefit.

“The limestone that we have is wide-ranging in terms of uses.”

— Rainford

“I don’t think enough is known about the extent to which limestone’s contribution has been expanding, especially as we seek to diversify the economy and bridge that particular segment of the mining sector,” he said.

“The limestone that we have is wide-ranging in terms of uses. The purity ranges from material that we use for road construction to pharmaceutical grade products, which are used in antacids, calcium tablets, tablet fillers and various other supplements,” he said.

He added that limestone is also a diffused mineral, as it is used in small quantities in many areas, such as paper, cosmetics and soap.