Lisa Hanna: Taking the politics out of politics

Jamaican politician Lisa Hanna, has embarked on a campaign to “take the politics, out of politics”. 

In an Instagram post recently, the South East St Ann member of parliament expressed her concern that Jamaicans are in dire need of a change in attitudes from its leaders. 

“Jamaicans are tired of politics, they want disciplined leaders who build a discipline country to give them peace of mind, physical safety, and jobs for economic acceleration,” she wrote. 


Lisa Hanna

In a subsequent news interview which was also posted on her Instagram page, Hanna charged fellow politicians to enact change. “If 49 percent of your population voted in the last election, it should tell you something, that people are not interested in the representation, and not interested in the democracy of their country,” she said.

“So what needs to change? What are we going to do to change? There has to be some change in the attitudes of parliament so that younger persons growing up can say, I can respect these generation of leaders,” she added.