‘Lock shop’ for what? Pastor urges women to find other ways to protest violence against women

A call has been made for women across the Caribbean to starve their partners for sex as a way of protesting violence against women.

The ‘no sex train’ is being driven by Trinidadian gender advocate, Nazma Muller. Jamaican gender advocates like Nadeen Spence, and Professor Opal Palmer Adisa, have hopped on for the ride, encouraging other Jamaican women to join them.

Trinidadian gender advocate, Nazma Muller wants women to starve their men for sex to protest violence against women

They believe the protest will achieve blissful results.

The ride is expected to last for more than a month- until International Womens’ Day in March.

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Gender advocate, Nadeen Spence (Photo: jamports.com)

But as this ‘no sex train’ passes through more and more streets, heavy criticisms are being thrown at it, from males and females alike.

Some are groaning that this protest suggest that the only power women possess is sex, and so instead of empowering women, it serves to only further objectify them as mere sex objects.

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Professor Opal Palmer Adisa

One of the loudest groans is coming from Reverend Sean Major-Campbell, Pastor of the Christ Church in Vineyard Town, Kingston.

Reverend Campbell told BUZZ that while he understands the seriousness of the issue of violence against women, this method of protest will be anti climatic.

Reverend Sean Major-Campbell (Photo: Twitter.com)

“I suppose the conversation has drawn some much needed attention to the matter of violence against women.  However I am not convinced that this would yield the desired results,” he said.

He is of the position that if we are serious about tackling violence against women, then, we must re-socialize the society. “We must get back to education, values, human rights sensitization, respect for others, and serious introspection and counselling for men who are prone to violence,” he said.