LOCK THEM UP: PNPYO president calls for prosecution of corrupt politicians

PNPYO President Krystal wants more corrupt politicians prosecuted.

PNPYO President Krystal Tomlinson is calling for the prosecution of corrupt politicians whether they are found in her Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) or the governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

Tomlinson’s call followed the release of a Nationwide News/Bluedot poll which she observed found that 64 per cent of respondents are of the view that the Andrew Holness-led administration is unethical. Thirty-seven per cent of respondents indicated that they had no confidence in the administration fighting corruption. Only 21 per cent of respondents expressed no confidence in the PNP regarding the matter of fighting corruption.

Tomlinson said if the country is to position itself as a competitive developing nation, it is pertinent that steps be taken to remove those who are hampering the process.

Daryl Vaz

Though Tomlinson was not chiding any particular administration, her concerns did not go unanswered.

Cabinet Minister Daryl Vaz said the Opposition and its affiliated organizations were not in a position to speak of the moral compass of the JLP. He accused the opposition of attempting to portray the government as corrupt. Vaz said the public should be cognizant that the government has been pushing legislation to strengthen the country’s anti-corruption institutions.