London-born twins face deportation to two different Caribbean countries

Darrell (left) and Darren Roberts as children. Photograph: Family handout (Guardian)

A 24-year old twin who was born in London is facing deportation to two different Caribbean countries.

Darrell and Darren Roberts were born in London and have never left the UK, but now face deportation to the Dominican Republic, and Grenada respectively. According to the Guardian, the twin has no close relatives in these countries.

Both Darrel and Darren were imprisoned for the offence of grievous bodily harm.

The brothers were taken into the care of social services when they were 13 years-old after their mom, and uncle who took care of them died from cancer. Their father had moved abroad before their mother’s death and they have had no contact with him for decades. This resulted in them being moved around in foster homes.

Their father was born in the Dominica Republic and their mom, in Grenada. Neither parent had British citizenship.

Darrell Roberts learnt of his pending deportation while in prison. “I told them I was born here that I’d been in primary school and secondary school here. They weren’t sympathetic. When I’ve tried talking to officers they say it is out of their control,” he told the Guardian.

Children born in the UK are eligible for citizenship but there is an application process, with attached costs that have risen dramatically over the past 20 years.

The Home Office automatically issues a deportation notice to anyone without citizenship who has been convicted of a reasonably serious offence with a custodial sentence of more than 12 months.

British citizenship has a good character requirement, which will not be met if an applicant has been sentenced to a long prison term, even if they were UK-born.