‘Love unoo!’ Gabby Thomas thanks Jamaican supporters

Gabrielle (Gabby) Thomas Photo: @ItsGabrielleT

American track and field athlete Gabrielle Gabby Thomas is relishing the love and support from Jamaican track and field fans.

The 24-year-old is the third-fastest woman over the 200 metres. At the recently concluded 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, she copped a bronze medal and a team silver medal.

But Thomas gained a lot of popularity on social media after she expressed disappointment in calls for fans to boycott the Olympic Games. Her teammate Sha’Carri Richardson was disqualified after failing a drug test, and this caused a major uproar.

“It really hurts to see so many black people choosing not to watch the Olympics this year. There are so many black athletes who have put in YEARS of hard work for this moment- myself included. We want your support,” she tweeted at the time.

Richardson, who’s very active on social media, caught wind of Thomas’s tweet and had this to say; “Athletes that haven’t and will never beat me have a lot to say about or surrounding my situation. When most of them have said nothing to me showing their characters that y’all don’t see behind the races.”

Richardson’s tweet has since been deleted, but fans sensed that things were a little more than frosty between the two American track stars.

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And you know what they say BUZZ Fam? “An enemy of my enemy is my friend”, and the Jamaican track fans who have labelled Richardson enemy number one, threw their support behind Thomas, whose father also happens to be Jamaican.

And Thomas has been feeling the love.

“Special thanks to my new Jamaican supporters, love oonu, To my Jamdown family in St. Catherine (Spanish Town, Braeton, Portmore) — large up!!,” she tweeted.