Magnitude 4.0 earthquake rattles Jamaica

An earthquake of magnitude 4.0 was felt in parts of Jamaica early Sunday morning, June 14.

The quake, which was felt across the island at 2:53 a.m., was recorded 8KM NNW of Buff Bay, Portland, according to the United States Geological Survey.

People reported feeling the earthquake in Linstead, Spanish Town and Portmore, all in St Catherine; Manchester Portland, Clarendon and St Thomas.

It was so strong in some places that several reported being woken from their sleep.

It sent the hashtag earthquake quickly went trending on Twitter and prompted some to comment that this was just the next thing that 2020 was throwing at the world.

One Twitter user commented, “Well here comes part 6 of 2020”

Another said, “That was a strong one! Woke me right out of my sleep!”

“I literally heard a rumble”, commented a third.

Another shared, “My word!! I’m literally still shaking! The dogs are barking frantically!! That was mad heavy and LOUD!! #earthquake”

See some of the reactions below: