‘Make the right choice’: Granger urges Guyana in Monday’s election

Speaking at the final rally in Durban Park, Georgetown ahead of Monday’s general elections President David Granger gets APNU + AFC supporters riled up on Saturday (Feb. 29). (Photo: Facebook @APNU.Guyana.2020)

President David Granger has called on Guyanese nationals to “make the right choice” when they head to the polls on Monday in a general election.

Addressing party supporters late Saturday at a rally in the capital, Granger, who is also the presidential candidate for the coalition A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) reminded supporters that under his administration, the country was placed on the right track.

He said that based on this, the coalition of six parties should be re-elected for continued progress.

Granger also said that when the nation heads to the polls, they will be choosing between himself and the main opposition People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) Irfaan Ali.

Granger’s rival from the opposition People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) Irfaan Ali. (Photo: Twitter @KevzPolitics)

It is a choice, he said, between choosing “a real president and a real estate agent”.

He said Guyana should not vote for a “proxy president”, but rather give him and his coalition the opportunity to continue its work in government.

“Elections will be about clean records and not about anybody with 19 charges. Elections on Monday, the 2nd of March will be between David and Irfaan. Make your choice,” Granger urged.

The president reminded supporters that when he took office in 2015, he met a country that was in shambles and Guyana is now an oil-producing nation and so far, three million barrels of oil have been shipped out of the country to the international market.

Granger said the proceeds from the oil sector “will be for every Guyanese” and not the pockets of anyone.

Granger to Guyana: “Elections on Monday, the second of March will be between David and Irfaan. Make your choice” (Photo: Facebook @APNU.Guyana.2020)

“I want Guyanese to be richer”, Granger said, adding that “the profits from our petroleum industry will give you and you and you a good life”.

According to the president, the coalition is the better party to ensure the benefits from the petroleum sector benefits everyone. He said the PPP should not be entrusted and cannot be trusted with managing the sector.

Concerning sugar estates that are no longer operational, Granger said that old sugar lands will be redeveloped, and former sugar workers will get the opportunity to use those lands along with other Guyanese to develop for other agricultural purposes.

Granger said he is the “man with a plan” for Guyana and his vision for Guyana is one that will see a more developed and educated nation.

“We are going to ensure that every Guyanese child has access to universal primary and secondary education and gain access to the University of Guyana.”

Pointing fingers at the PPP, Granger said that the opposition party and former President Bharrat Jagdeo oversaw “a decade of decadence and death” with killing squads, assassinations and massacres and Guyana must never return to those days.

The final APNU + AFC rally in Durban Park, Georgetown was the festive affair as President Granger and his coalition government seek re-election on Monday. (Photo: Facebook @APNU.Guyana.2020)

The president said moving forward, an APNU+AFC government will continue to be “one of cooperation and not confrontation”, as he noted that development is assured under his administration.

As he concluded his speech the Guyanese Head of State emphasised, “March is the month, the 2nd is the day but now is the hour for you to decide whether you want a proper leader!”