Man cured of HIV now has terminal cancer

The first man known to have been cured of HIV is now critically ill from the reappearance of the cancer that led to the treatment which made him HIV-free.

Timothy Ray Brown says the cancer which led to the treatment that cured his HIV is back.

Timothy Ray Brown had a transplant from a donor with a rare, natural resistance to HIV, which cured him of both leukaemia and the virus.

But Brown is now battling the cancer which returned last year and has spread throughout his body, reports The Associated Press.

Regarding the transplant, Brown said he’s still happy he had it, adding “It opened up doors that weren’t there before” and inspired scientists to work harder to find a cure, which many had begun to think was not possible.”

Brown was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2006 and received his first transplant in 2007, which was only partially successful. He had a second transplant from the same donor in 2008, which was successful.

He is receiving hospice care in Palm Springs, California and still has no signs of HIV.