Man who fled quarantine facility charged

Kemar Bailey fled from this quarantine facility in Allerdyce St Andrew.

The St Mary man who fled a coronavirus quarantine centre in St Andrew in March has been charged.

Kemar Bailey, 27, has been charged with unlawfully omitting to carry out a lawful condition and leaving a place being used for observation and isolation of persons. Both offences fall under the Quarantine Act.

The 27-year-old man was charged by way of summons late last month and is scheduled to appear in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on June 25.

Bailey arrived in the island on March 7 and by March 9—a day before the first case of the coronavirus was confirmed in Jamaica—Bailey was placed at the quarantine centre in St Andrew.

It’s reported that he requested and received permission to collect personal items at the entrance to the quarantine facility. While in the process of doing so, he jumped into a white Nissan Tiida motorcar which sped away with him. Bailey was apprehended hours later in the Waltham Park Road area of St Andrew in the company of a female.