Man who recorded Ahmaud Arbery killing arrested and charged

The man who recorded the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, the US has been arrested.

Ahmaud Arbery

William “Roddie” Bryan Jr was arrested yesterday, May 21, on charges of felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Bryan will be booked in the Glynn County Jail, the Bureau said.

The case is being investigated in partnership with the District Attorney’s Office.

The charges are for the February 23 incident which led to the death of Arbery. Bryan witnessed the encounter between Travis McMichael and the deceased from a vehicle behind a pickup that stopped in the road. Gregory McMichael, the father of Travis, was in the bed of the pickup during the shooting and told police that Bryan had tried to help them stop Arbery earlier, according to an incident report.

Reports are that The McMichaels chased Arbery after seeing him at an under constriction home in their Satilla Shores, Glynn County neighbourhood. The reportedly grabbed their guns and chased Arbery in their truck before the deadly confrontation between Travis McMichael and Arbery.

Arbery tried to elude the two men by running around the truck. A tussle ensued between him and Travis shot him three times.

Bryan’s 36-second video of the incident was not released until 10 weeks after the killing and spurred called for the arrest of the McMichaels, who were charged with aggravated assault and murder this month.