Man banned from matches for shouting racist slurs at Raheem Sterling

Kevin O’Brien (left) Raheem Sterling (right)

Kevin O’Brien, a 61-year-old man who shouted “You’re a black c***” at Jamaican-born football star Raheem Sterling has been banned from going to matches for three years.

O’Brien got drunk and shouted racist abuse from the stands at Wembley Stadium during the Carabao cup final between Manchester City and Aston Villa on March 1.

The lifelong Aston Villa fan admitted to the racially aggravated harassment charge.

Prosecutor Katie Reiss told the court that a witness heard O’Brien make the comment after an incident between Sterling and another player on the field.

“The witness heard the defendant shout abuse at the field such as ‘Sterling, you’re a black c***’ in an angry manner,” Reiss said.

“It’s not believed Raheem Sterling heard the comment. The witness said he was disgusted and angry at the comment.”

After he was arrested, O’Brien told the police that he was drunk and may have said a lot of things.

“I may have called him a black bugger, but that’s about it,” he said.

O’Brien is an avid football fan and has been going to football matches since he was 15-year-old – for 46 years. His lawyer said he’s deeply ashamed by what he’s done, an deeply apologises.