Manny Pacquiao has not officially retired from boxing, contrary to reports

Manny Pacquiao (Photo: ABC 13)

Sean Gibbons, the president of Pacquiao’s promotional company has advised that the legendary boxer has not officially retired despite his comments suggesting that his career in the sport has come to an end.

The confusion arose from Pacquiao’s interview with Filipina star Toni Gonzaga, in which he said his boxing career “is already over”.

“It’s done because I’ve been in boxing for a long time and my family says that it is enough. I just continued [to fight] because I’m passionate about the sport,” the boxer turned senator said.

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Gibbons, who has since spoken out on behalf of the former boxing champion, says Pacquiao was simply speaking in the spur of the moment.

Gibbons had this to say in an interview with ESPN, “In the coming weeks, the senator will decide how he’s going to finish his professional boxing career. After the fight and recently, he’s discussed retiring [or] maybe one more [fight]. He’s just talking out loud about different situations,

“Until you see it officially come out on his Twitter or Instagram, he isn’t retired. Once you see it on a platform like that, it’s official. Anything else is just talk about what his thoughts are in the moment. It’s coming from him, but it’s hearsay.”

Gibbons referenced Pacquiao announcing his retirement in 2016 after defeating Timothy Bradley. He noted that the boxer ended up returning to the ring seven months later to secure a win over Jessie Vargas.