Mark Golding apologizes for homophobic comments

Mark Golding

People’s National Party (PNP) Shadow Minister of Finance, Mark Golding has apologized for the homophobic comments he made at the presentation of Dr Winston De La Haye as the party’s candidate East Central St Catherine, on Sunday.

Golding joined other high ranked PNP officials in a speech filled with homophobic innuendos directed at Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Alando Terrelonge, who currently holds the seat.

Alando Terrelonge

Golding issued the apology on his Facebook page.

“Fellow Jamaicans, my conscience does not allow me to let the events of the weekend go without a personal remark from me. I am publicly and personally apologizing to Alando Terrelonge, who I disparaged in a moment of platform intoxication last Sunday evening,” he wrote.

“I regret getting caught up in the hoopla of a political meeting and indulging in that unworthy form of political discourse; in particular since he has always treated me with respect and decency, and since in my own life and dealings, I have advocated for everyone to be treated with equal respect and decency,” he continued

“He did not deserve it, especially coming from me. So I’m sorry, my political colleague. Walk good,”

His apology was met with mixed reactions.

Micheal Brown Snr commented, “Never expected that from you. I was so disappointed and what made matters worst was that It took public outcry after so many days for you all to realize that you all dropped the ball,”

“He did not deserve it, especially coming from me.”

— Golding

Meanwhile, Garnett Weir welcome Golding’s apology, but feared that the damage has already being done. “An apology is good, but is not always efficacious. Your speech effectively led to a questioning of the man’s sexuality in the public space and thereby effectively tainted him,” he wrote.