Mary Kay Letourneau, who raped 13-y-o student, later marrying him, dies from cancer

Former Seattle teacher Mary Kay Letourneau, who was convicted of raping her 13-year-old student in 1997, has died of cancer.

Letourneau passed away on Monday, July 6, at the age of 58.

Letourneau came to national prominence when she was accused and convicted of raping Vili Fualaau during a relationship that began when she was his sixth-grade teacher.

She would become pregnant for the child twice before he turned 15, even with a court order in place to keep them apart. She gave birth to Fualaau’s child at age 34 before serving a seven-year prison sentence for rape.

She was released from prison when Faulaau was an adult, and the two later married in 2005 after he petitioned a court to allow them to see each other. The restraining order was dropped but she remained a registered sex offender in Washington state.

Faulaau filed for separation from her in 2017 but was caring for her during the final month of her life.