Massive pool parties in Wuhan, China where COVID-19 started

The city of Wuhan in China was pinpointed as the source of the global pandemic that has now infected more than 22 million people worldwide.

Large pool parties have been held in Wuhan, China where just a few months ago there was a strict lockdown as officials struggled to contain the coronavirus.

But from the massive pool parties being held there now, you couldn’t tell that this city of 11 million people was once under a strictly enforced lockdown for more than two months.

Night-time pool parties have become the popular at the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park which was reopened in late June. Hundreds now flock the venue for entertainment as the city, and the country at large, begins to loosen restrictions with the virus is all but eliminated.

To gain entry to the water park, guests must book tickets online using their national ID number and present their ID and green health code before entering. The health code is generated from mobile apps which track their movements and determine if they are subject to virus quarantine.

China has recorded just under 90,000 coronavirus cases and 4,700 deaths from the virus pandemic.