Mayberry Open Junior Tennis Championship a success

 General Manager at the Liguanea Club Limited, Gareth Walker (left); Stephanie Harrison (centre), Digital and Marketing Manager at Mayberry Investments Limited; and Llockett
McGregor (right), Tournament Organizer at Liguanea Club Limited pose with the top-performing boys and girls at the Mayberry Open Junior Tennis Championship 2019, at the Liguanea Club.

The recently concluded Mayberry Open Junior Tennis Championship is being described as a success.

“The tournament was very competitive and it was the final tournament in the calendar year for the Juniors so a lot of them were looking forward to it and it allowed them to get national ranking points for selection to national teams and also help them when they are applying to universities for scholarships so the points are very important,” organiser Llocket McGregor told BUZZ.

Stephanie Harrison (left), Digital and Marketing Manager at Mayberry Investments Limited, and Thandie Sampson, winner of the girls 18 and under category.

He added: “The tournament was well attended and there were a large number of entries, especially in the girls’ category so all in all I just want to say thanks to Mayberry for their continued support. They have been with us for nine years and I just hope we can continue the relationship to the best benefit of the Juniors.”

The two-day tournament at the Liguanea Club in New Kingston, saw matches played in five categories, Boys 12 and under, Boys 14 and Under, Boys 18 and Under, Girls 14 and Under and the Girls 18 and Under. Joseph Deperalto won the Boys 12 and under while Matthew James defeated Daniel Moe 6-0 6-3 for the Under 14 title. In the Girls 14 and under, Kalila Morris won ahead of Gabrielle Christian 6-3 and 6-2.

Harrison; Damani Cain winner of the boys under 18 category; Peta-Gaye, first runner-up of the girls under 18; and Llockett McGregor, the tournament organizer.

Thandie Sampson captured the Girls 18 ahead of  Peta-Gaye Graham while for the Boys 18 and under, Damani Cain emerged the winner over Russell Fairman 6-2 and 7-5.

Stephanie Harrison, Digital Marketing Manager at Mayberry Investments, was also pleased and pledged the company’s support for years to come.

Harrison and Damani Cain, winner of the boys under 18 category.

“Mayberry Investments goes above and beyond to positively impact the development of young people and understands the importance that sport plays in this development,” she added.