Medicine now being delivered by drones

Initially, when drones took to the market, they were mostly for recreational purposes but we knew that more was yet to come.

Just recently, the United States Postal Service (UPS) and CVS Pharmacy have partnered to start the delivery of medicine to persons via this medium. Medications were delivered to two paying customers on November 1, using the M2 drone system.

Medication being delivered by a drone
Medication being delivered by a drone. (Photo:

UPS got the approval just in October and plans are to expand the service in the future following the successful trial run.

For these early deliveries, drones were loaded with prescriptions filled by pharmacists at a CVS location in Cary, North Carolina. Once a UPS employee loaded the cargo onto the drones, they flew autonomously from the store location to nearby customer homes, dropping off the packages from a hover height of around 20 feet above these locations. 

Could this be a feature in the Caribbean soon?