Men caught smuggling KFC into city during lockdown

KFC seized by police (Photo: BBC)

There’s something about KFC that will have people risking it all to gain access to it. While the city of Auckland was under a level four lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus, two men aged 23 and 30 were caught trying to smuggle KFC into the city.

Under New Zealand’s level four lockdown, all restaurants, including take-out eateries were closed. So these men, whom the police described as “gang associates” no doubt wanted to take advantage of its scarcity and make some money. According to reports, their entire car trunk was full of KFC food, the vehicle also contained lots of cash.

“Officers noticed a suspicious-looking vehicle traveling on a gravel road and upon seeing the police car, the vehicle did a U-turn and sped off trying to evade police,” the New Zealand police statement read. “The vehicle eventually pulled over and police established they had been traveling from Hamilton trying to get into Auckland. The vehicle was searched and police located the cash, alongside empty ounce bags and a large amount of takeaways.”

 The city has since moved to Level 3 lockdown where cafes, restaurants and take-out restaurants can offer contactless pick-up, delivery or drive-through.

The men are expected to appear in court for breaching the health order, and the police say other charges are likely.  Fines can reach up to NZ$4,000 and some offenders can even face prison sentences of up to six months.