Mexico is 11th nation to surpass one million COVID-19 cases

Mexico became the 11th nation to pass the one-million mark for coronavirus cases yesterday (November 14).

A healthcare worker collects a sample to test for the new coronavirus inside a mobile diagnostic tent, in the Coyoacan district of Mexico City, Friday, Nov. 13, 2020.  (Photo: AP)

Lack of adequate testing in the Central American nation, where top officials continue to downplay the importance of mask wearing and testing, has seen its figures increase rapidly.

Mexico also has the third highest number of fatalities related to the virus pandemic with 98,259, according to the John Hopkins University virus tracker. Its figures are surpassed only by Brazil, which has 165,658, and the United States which has seen more than 245,000 deaths and an increase in cases which are beginning to spike in almost every state once more.

Global cases of the coronavirus now stand at 54,046,529, according to the virus tracker, with deaths totaling 1.3 million. However, many experts believe these figures are substantially lower than the actual count due to inadequate testing and underreporting around the world.