Minister Grange calls Olympics postponement a good move

Jamaica’s Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, the Honourable Olivia Grange, has noted that the move to postpone the Olympics is a good one.

 In a statement released, the Minister noted that they have received confirmation from the International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government that the Tokyo Olympics have been postponed and that “we accept this decision and we think it is a good move”.

She further noted that this has made things clearer for athletes who were wondering what was going to be the outcome while also trying to prepare themselves for the games.

She, however, notes that athletes will continue to receive stipends as part of the Athlete Assistance Programme for a short while. “We will pay the sums up to the end of March as our athletes put their training programmes on hold,” she remarked.

She notes that she understands how disappointed some athletes must feel with the postponement. However, she calls upon them to take the necessary steps to keep themselves safe by practising the safety requirements and that she “look[s] forward to them resuming training and representing Jamaica when it is safe to do so.”