Minister urges public to use app designed to nab bad drivers

The minister of Transport and Mining is calling on members of the public to utilise the Drive Safe App in an effort to stomp out unruly driving.

Minister Robert Montague in a post on his social media page called on members of the public to start using the app.

Transport Minister Robert Montague wants the public to increase their use of the Drive Safe App.

“Download the app now and help us to make Jamaican roads safer.”

— Robert Montague

Through the Drive Safe Campaign, Jamaicans are urged to take pictures and videos of drivers committing road breaches and post them, along with the license plate of the offending driver on the app.

“Download the app now and help us to make Jamaican roads safer. You choose from a number of categories to report violations such as speeding,” Montague said.

According to the Road Safety Unit of Jamaica, Pedestrians, motorcyclists, passengers and drivers of private motor vehicles have recorded the highest number of road fatalities since the start of the year.

— Story written by Safia Matthews