Ministries join forces for coronavirus sensitization sessions

In an effort to raise awareness about the coronavirus and its prevention, the Ministry of Health and Wellness has partnered with the Ministry of Education.

The two ministries working in collaboration, recently hosted several sensitization sessions with primary and secondary school principals.

According to the Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Glensford Joseph, the sessions are extremely important, as it provided principals with the opportunity to review and update their response plan for COVID-19 in the schools.

“It is important to note that the management of COVID-19 requires a multi-sectoral approach and within the education system especially the schools we know we have large gatherings of children. As such, it is important for the Ministry of Education to ensure that their plans are up to date so that they can prepare for and respond to the event of COVID-19 imputation into Saint Lucia,” said Glensford.

School Safety Coordinator in the Department of Education Bernez Khodra also lauded the move, noting that he was very pleased with the collaboration between the ministries,as the coronavirus if confirmed in St. Lucia could have an significant impact on schools.