Ministry of Education says students should progress to next grade unhindered

(Photo: The Conversation)

All students at the early childhood, primary and secondary levels are to  progress to their next grade level unhindered for the upcoming academic year. This is according to the latest bulletin from the Ministry of Education today, May 28. 

The Ministry announced that school administrators should use assessed scores – including homework, project, classwork, presentation, test, and worksheet – that students would have completed before March 13 to facilitate this process. 

If when assessing grades administrators find they are not up to standard for students to be promoted, then the schools’ administration and the parent should come to a decision to have the child repeat the current grade level or to place the student on a remedial programme to ensure the required improvement as the student progresses.

As for grade nine students who will be choosing core subjects to pursue for grades 10 and 11, this should be done electronically. 

“The Ministry is recommending that the subject selection process that takes place at the end of the Grade 9 programme be facilitated using an electronic modality guided by the academic profile and career interest of the students. Parents and students may be asked to access, complete and submit the instrument via the school’s website, Learning Management/School Management Systems, or by email,” the bulletin said.

But in the event that students are having issues with the electronic method, then they should visit the school.

“School administrators may also ask parents/students who may experience difficulties using the electronic facility to collect, complete and return the hard copy documents on a schedule guided by the social distancing guidelines,” it said.