Mobay Pride given interim order to rent cultural centre

The Supreme Court has granted an interim order for gay rights advocate Mobay Pride to rent the Montego Bay Cultural Centre for its use.

Montego Bay Pride founder Maurice Tomlinson.

The order was granted on Monday (Oct 14) following an application by Montego Bay Pride founder Maurice Tomlinson.

Tomlinson’s court action came after Mayor of Montego Bay Homer Davis announced in September that he would be revoking permission for the group to use the facility. He said the move was necessary to preserve the “sacredness” of the space.

Mobay Pride has used the space for the last four years to host events.

The case will now proceed to judicial review where a panel of three judges will examine whether it was lawful to deny Pride access to public facilities based on the personal opinions of the officials involved.

Lawyers from Jamaicans for Justice are representing the gay-rights group.