Mobile Justice Units want more organisations to request their services

Executive Director of the Legal Aid Council Hugh Faulkner (Photo contributed)

Churches, community groups and other organisations are being encouraged to request the services of the Legal Aid Council (LAC) Mobile Justice Units.

Persons can reserve the units by accessing, completing and submitting requisition forms available at the LAC’s website at

Executive Director of the LAC in the Ministry of Justice, Hugh Faulkner, said that on the form, applicants are required to provide information about the organisation or community group with which they are affiliated.

“They can also provide other contact officers and recommended dates, as some groups may have annual activities,” he noted.

Other requirements on the form include email address, telephone number, parish and venue of event, time of event and nearest police station.

Requests must be made at least eight weeks ahead of the event to allow the LAC sufficient time for planning. Organisations are expected to acquire the requisite permits and licences from the relevant municipal bodies.

Faulkner said applicants are asked to provide an estimate of the number of patrons that may attend, which will better enable the LAC to determine how many lawyers and buses to make available.

Meanwhile, the Mobile Justice Unit facilitated more than 300 persons at an expungement fair held in Montego Bay last Friday (February 21).

Faulkner said that all three units were present at the event. “Ninety-nine per cent of the participants came to address matters relating to expungement and one per cent came to apply for relisting.

“In those cases (relisting), persons would have had cases in the courts years before and the court adjourned the matter without a date. For those persons, the matter is against their name but the service they require is not expungement; it is an application to relist,” he explained.