Molynes go after Mount Pleasant in Red Stripe Premier League

The Molynes United Red Stripe Premier League show will continue on Sunday, as they will go for their sixth consecutive win against Mount Pleasant Football Academy at Waterhouse Stadium at 5:00 pm.

Molynes, in their first top-flight football season, have been on a high from the start and have conquered all they have faced to be on maximum 15 points from their five matches.

It has enabled them to be at the summit of the points standing, five points clear of second-place Waterhouse, with Harbour View in third on seven points. Waterhouse have played one match less.

Mount Pleasant, Humble Lion, Dunbeholden and Portmore are all on six points, but are separated in that order in the standing, by goal difference.

Molynes along with Waterhouse are the unbeaten teams in the league and against Mount Pleasant, Molynes will face another tough opponent with one win and one loss in their five matches, while drawing the others.


Humble Lion vs Vere United at Effortville Community Centre at 3:30 pm

Tivoli Gardens vs Portmore United at Edward Seaga Sports Complex at 3:30 pm

UWI vs Waterhouse at Mona Bowl at 3:30 pm

Molynes United vs Mount Pleasant Football Academy at Waterhouse Stadium at 5:00 pm

Arnett Gardens vs Cavalier at Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex at 7:00 pm