Molynes United top coach quits the club

Lijayasu Simms quits as head coach of Molynes United football club.

Lijayasu Simms has called it quits as head coach of Molynes United, citing indifferences with members of the management staff for his decision.

Simms, who led Molynes United to a historic first-time qualification to the Red Stripe Premier League this season, told BUZZ he had no choice.

“We had some run-ins with management. The main fundraiser sponsoring the team has decided to leave because of issues with the executives,” Simms pointed out. “After the Harbour View game he said, ‘that’s it’, and from then I should have left also because I along with the president of the club was the persons who got him to fund the club.”

Simms led Molynes United to six straight wins to start the season and led the league but has since found the going rough and has lost six of their last seven games. The team now stands at third with 20 points.

They are 13 points adrift of the leaders but still comfortably holding a top- six playoff spot in the 12-team league, although they are just two points above the seventh-placed team.