More funding needed to protect the Caribbean’s marine resources

The special envoy for the Caribbean Challenge Initiative (CCI), Karolin Troubetzko, says more action and funding are needed to protect the region’s coral reefs and to conserve fisheries and other marine resources.

Karolin Troubetzko, a representative from the Caribbean Challenge Initiative

Troubetzkoy called on businesses located in or doing business with the Caribbean to support conservation efforts by collaborating with national conservation funds across the region.

The St Lucia-based hotelier said that 2020 is an important year for taking stock of the two major goals of the CCI.

The first, known as the “20 by 20”, challenged Caribbean destinations to effectively conserve 20 per cent of the region’s coastal and marine habitat by 2020. The ‘Sustainable Finance Goal’, which is the second, is aimed at ensuring ongoing progress in conservation in the region, through the establishment of financing mechanisms that provide reliable funding.

The CCI, founded in 2008, is a coalition of governments, companies and partners working together to accelerate action on the marine and coastal environment.

Troubetzko said while much more commitment is needed to arrest the decline of coral reefs and to encourage more sustainable fishing practices in the Caribbean, there were some notable successes, including the establishment of over 50 new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), which raises the total protected marine area across the region from seven to 10 per cent.