More heavy rainfall expected in Jamaica this weekend

The effects on recent rainfall in Jamaica (Photo: Twitter)

Enjoy the sunshine as much as you can, because come this weekend, it’ll be raining again. That’s according to the Meteorological Service of Jamaica which says the country may be impacted by a tropical wave developing in the central Caribbean. 

“How much Jamaica will be impacted and how much that system will develop into a tropical storm or even a hurricane, is yet to be determined. It is still a little early to say. By the time we get into this weekend, we should be seeing increased rainfall in the Central Caribbean [which] will impact Jamaica in some way,” Evan Thompson, director of the Met Service said.

The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season has been out here breaking records as the most active to date. Subtropical Storm Theta, which formed in the Atlantic Ocean on Monday, is the 29th named system of the season.

Explaining that this is indeed a paradigm shift, Thompson said severe weather conditions may become commonplace in the future.

“It is a signal that if our climate is really changing and we have evidence to support that it is changing, we should look to see more of these kinds of seasons as we go from year to year.”