More rights: Cayman to implement new regulations for same-sex unions

Same-sex couples in the Cayman Island will be able to file for and register civil partnerships when the Civil Partnership Law comes into effect on Monday.  

This new law will provide same-sex couples with a legal framework equivalent to marriage. This had been restricted to heterosexual couples under Cayman’s Marriage Law.

It is understood that the law was gazetted on Friday after being approved by Governor Martyn Roper in consultation with Premier Alden McLaughlin.

“The Civil Service has completed the preparatory work necessary to implement the Civil Partnership Law. Consequently, forms and guidance for members of the public to seek such partnerships and for persons seeking to become officers who can formalise such partnerships can be found on CIG’s General Registry website at,” said Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, who announced the implementation of the regulations in a statement from the Government Information Service.

The Civil Partnership Law was assented to by the governor in August, days after similar legislation was voted down by Cayman’s lawmakers.

Roper has said that as the UK’s representative in Cayman, he had no option but to step in to ensure Cayman complied with the rule of law and international obligations under the terms of the European Convention on Human Rights. He said Cayman is required to provide a legal framework for same-sex couples that is functionally equivalent to marriage.