More St Thomas communities placed under quarantine

Two more communities in St Thomas have been placed under quarantine today (August 20) as the parish continues to see an increase in its coronavirus (COVID-19) cases.

The communities are Albion and Seaforth which have seen 13 cases of the virus among them over the past three weeks, the Ministry of Health and Wellness said in a statement a short while ago.

The quarantine began at 5:00 a.m. today and will last for 14 days, ending September 2.

The ministry said many of the cases are symptomatic, which suggests that there may be ongoing transmission of the virus in the communities. During the quarantine period, surveillance will be carried out in the communities for early  detection of any new cases and to implement appropriate measures to contain spread.

Three other communities – Bamboo River, Church Corner and Lower Summit – were previously placed under quarantine when numerous cases were detected. Those communities will also remain quarantined until September 2.

St Thomas has recorded 107 COVID-19 cases from returned test results with 45 of that number being from the quarantined areas.

There were 46 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed within the past 24 hours up to last evening, bringing the island’s total to 1,192.

There are 336 active cases being monitored, including nine moderately ill patients and one who is critically ill. In addition to the 772 people who have now recovered, 70 have returned to their countries of origin, while 14 have died.