More woes for Jamaican motorists as gas prices tick upwards

Come Thursday (Feb. 20), motorists across Jamaica will face marked increases at the pumps as the prices of gasoline and diesel have jumped, according the latest adjustments from the state-owned refinery Petrojam.

According to Petrojam, E-10 87 octane gasoline and its E-10 90 counterpart are both up by $3.06 and will sell for $127.74 and $130.58 per litre, respectively.

Automotive diesel oil, up $1.20, will now be sold for $129.35 per litre; ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD) is up by $1.99 and will fetch a $134.22 per litre price.

The price of kerosene, costing $2.80 more, is now being sold for $109.05 per litre.

In the meantime, propane cooking gas has jumped by $3.04 and will be sold for $41.51 per litre, while butane, dropping $0.05 further, will be sold for $48.66 per litre.

It is expected that marketers and retailers will add their mark-ups to the announced prices.