Motorcross: Dust begins to settle at DaCosta Farms

Johannes Reijnen (58) takes maximum altitude over one of the many jumps at the DaCosta Farms motocross track, passing Christopher Hadad (15) mid-flight.

MX Jamaica completed its fourth round on August 11 at the DaCosta Farms, St Catherine, clearing up the 2019 championship picture. Only two race meets remain.

At the start of the year, six-year-old Craig Powell Jnr put down the gauntlet to his 50cc competitors, saying he wanted to win the class. He has dominated ever since, amassing the most points, not just in his group, but of all the riders overall. Powell Jnr has 200 points from the four-race meets as he’s come out on top at all four events. Alex Grant and Kario Reynolds and tied for second on 44 points.

Cruz Kow cruising to victory in the 85cc class.

Things are a bit closer in the 65cc class. Zachary Borrows leads Rylan Simpson 136 to 133, while Lukah Walton sits third with 118. Cruz Kow had a good showing at the fourth meet, grabbing the maximum 50 points available in the 85cc class. This made his total haul 182, which is 22 points more than second-placed Cameron Lee. Adrian Barnes is third, at 150.

Kyle Reynolds streaks to maximum points at MX Jamaica’s fourth race meet on August 11.

Kyle Reynolds has been the man to beat on two wheels for a while now. Racing on tarmac at Dover Raceway, St Ann and the various loose surface motocross tracks across the island, Reynolds leads the two fastest classes, A and Open. In A-Class he has 183 points. Four points behind is Johannes Reijnen on 171. Third is Craig Powell Snr with 151. In Open, class Reynolds leads the leader board with 180 points. Second and third see a reverse of fortune for Powell Snr and Reijnen. The two men have a significant gap 172 to 113 respectively.

Cameron Lee (337) chasing Kyle Read (12)

Antonio Rizza, with 178 points, is top dog in B-Class where he leads Kyle South and Amir DaCosta. Jason McIntosh is only ten points ahead of Jason McIntosh, 135 to 125 points, in the ATV class. Karter Tommi Gore is third.

—Article written by Nichola Beckford