Mount Everest is almost a metre taller

The world’s highest mountain just got taller.

Mt Everest is almost a metre taller after officials from China and Nepal measures the mountain and agreed on a height. (Photo: USA Today)

Mount Everest is officially 0.86 metres higher than previously thought, Nepal and China announced today.

The two nations said the mountain’s new height is 8,848.86 metres, after previously disagreeing on its measurements.

China’s official height was 8,844.43m, which was almost four metres lower than Nepal’s.

Efforts to agree on a height saw officials from both nations work together for the latest measurements.

Mount Everest borders China and Nepal and climbed by mountaineers from both sides.

The nations disagreed on the height as China insisted it be measured from its rock height while Nepal included its snowcap.

Despite the increased height, some geologists think the mountain may have actually lost some of its snow cap due to 7.8 magnitude earthquake which killed 9,000 people in Nepal in 2015.